Cyclone Lighting

About us

Cyclone Lighting is a division of The Luminaires Group, a north american lighting manufacturers' platform combining strong niche brands. Through strategic acquisitions, The Luminaires Group is aiming to become a leader in providing lighting specifiers and the electrical community with a range of contemporary lighting products. The Luminaires Group's model is to build on individual competencies of each of its companies. Over the years, each entity has developed their own expertise in providing distinct specification grade products to their respective sales channels. As the umbrella company, The Luminaires Group works with each entity to leverage their individual and combined capabilities.

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Founded in 1999, Cyclone Lighting designs, develops and manufactures outdoor luminaires and accessories  in its production facility located north of the beautiful City of Montreal. From its inception, Cyclone’s staff follows a work philosophy that excels in quality, performance and durability. Cyclone Lighting continues in this direction by providing superior quality luminaires and decorative outdoor accessories and by focusing on key product strengths: photometric performance, tool-free maintenance and a broad range of luminaire styles.

In addition, Cyclone recently developed an LED lighting system that uses innovative and revolutionary light control technology. For more than fifteen years, Cyclone has been brightening outdoor environments with pure determination. Today, its team is committed to continue down the path of innovation, audacity and excellence by offering a complete line of decorative fixtures available in LED and HID. With thousands of installations throughout North America and abroad, Cyclone Lighting continues to work every day on tomorrow’s lighting technology and trends.


Designing, considering future needs, is an essential part of Cyclone Lighting’s development process. The search for the perfect mix between form, function and technology makes our luminaires unique. The surrounding architecture is a key factor of our design mindset, as the fixture must blend itself perfectly with its environment. Cyclone products are designed to be durable and hassle free. Our design team always incorporates key features like tool free access for ease of maintenance and an IP66 rating to ensure system protection from the elements.


With the constant evolution of technologies and the venues of new sources like LED (Light-Emitting Diode), OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), Plasma and others, these are exciting times to be in the lighting industry. The market changes which challenges lighting manufacturers to constantly research and train on new norms, sources and trends. Incorporating new technologies requires rigorous thermal management and cutting edge photometric testing, performed at Cyclone’s facility or through a third party. All our designs are efficient and reflect the Cyclone brand through constant testing.


A wide array of classification types are available for your applications. Environmentally friendly without compromise is our mindset throughout the design process. We have products respecting “Dark Sky” standards offering visual comfort and a design that harmoniously blends into its environment.


LED technology is constantly growing to meet industry and market needs. With this in mind, Cyclone Lighting also recognizes the need for design diversity, therefore, we offer optical systems utilizing different light sources such as HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED. These unique optical systems offer increased lumens on task, better uniformity and greater luminaire spacing.

Environmentally Focused

Working with local manufacturers to minimize our carbon footprint, our products are energy efficient and durable. Utilizing a sustainable design, our products are made to last and are easily recyclable. All luminaires are assembled with minimum hardware, therefore, disassembly is an easy task towards cradle to cradle design philosophy.
We realize that our success in the marketplace would be impossible without our customers and our team.
This commitment is not just an environmental mandate, but rather it strikes to the very heart of our corporate philosophy.
With the addition of integrated controls, our systems save even more energy making it available for future generations.


The manufacturing of high quality fixtures is a complex process, from engineering to delivery to the end user. Every step requires a dedicated, unwavering commitment to manufacturing excellence in order to assure the perfect product that our global customers expect from us. At Cyclone this is achieved through several key characteristics:

Cyclone has earned a remarkable reputation based on quality and on-time delivery. We have established excellent relationships with major customers gaining their trust for responding to demanding applications, high quality products and superior service.