Cyclone Lighting

Welcome to Cyclone Lighting, an innovative company on the cutting edge of lighting technology. Over the years, we have developed leading expertise and established a solid foundation in our industry. Today, we are proud to say that we light up all corners of North America and complement some of the most daring architectural projects around.

Click here to access our DesignLights Consortium Qualified luminaires list


New bollard updated performance and design

Check out our updated bollard offering and specially our new CBM1701C CLIO design

Updated list Designlight Consortium

15-12-23 Updated DLC list to be consulted on the link above

Symphony DLC

Cyclone's Luminaire Symphony is now DLC listed for wattage from 40 to 80 Watts.

Check out the completed updated DLC list from the  link above

New products


All Cyclone Bollards are manufactured with an extrusion base and a cast aluminum head module,therefore are adjustable in height to suit any application .They are extremely darable coating using electrostatic process