Cyclone Lighting

Founded in 1999, Cyclone Lighting designs, develops and manufactures outdoor luminaires and accessories in its production facility located north of the beautiful City of Montreal. From its inception, Cyclone’s staff follows a work philosophy that excels in quality, performance and durability. Cyclone Lighting continues in this direction by providing superior quality luminaires and decorative outdoor accessories and by focusing on key product strengths: photometric performance, tool-free maintenance and a broad range of luminaire styles.

In addition, Cyclone recently developed an LED lighting system that uses innovative and revolutionary light control technology. For more than fourteen years, Cyclone has been brightening outdoor environments with pure determination. Today, its team is committed to continue down the path of innovation, audacity and excellence by offering a complete line of decorative fixtures available in led, hid and Induction. With thousands of installations throughout North America and abroad, Cyclone Lighting continues to work every day on tomorrow’s lighting technology and trends.