Break away from traditional dome styling

Cyclone Mochi RedBuilding dusk


With its rounded, organic lines and modern charm, Mochi breaks away from traditional dome styling, bringing a delightful softness to the urban streetscape. The evolution of a design classic, Mochi delivers a contemporary look and precise light distribution while feeling like it’s always been there.


  More details on Mochi pendant:

MOCP1 - Pendant



Cyclone Mochi light


Taking its cue from traditional dome-style luminaires, Mochi hits that sweet spot between enduring design and modern urban applications. The elegant, seamless look makes it the perfect lighting choice for everything from new constructions to historic buildings.


 More details on Mochi side-mount:

MOCS2 - side-mount



Cyclone Mochi Park dusk


Mochi’s advanced lighting system offers precise illumination that’s the smart choice for streets, parks, and projects where safety is a priority. Light up spaces with a timeless look that meets modern security standards.

/ Residential and city streets / Commercial buildings / Transit / Urban parks / Waterfront walkways / Bike paths


Interactive brochure


Cyclone Mochi MOCS2 armpole


MOCS2 / Side-mount


The side-mount option provides a flawless, blendable look.


Product page / Interactive brochure / Spec sheet


Cyclone Mochi MOCP1 armpole


MOCP1 / Pendant


The pendant style adds a touch of classic curves and delicate lines.


Product page / Interactive brochure / Spec sheet